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Emily's birthday💐

Happy 7th birthday Emily💐I can't believe you are 7! You are getting so big! I just wanted to say that you are the sweetest sister ever💜I love you💗 I hope you have had a awesome birthday!

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Mother's Day💐

Mom, you're everything a mom should be; your love shines bright in everything I see. Your love is never ending; it shows in all you do. There's is no other mom in the whole wide world who's half as good as you! You always do what's best for me, I know; you mentored to me to help me learn and grow. Your kindness, caring, nurturing always show; that's why I love, respect and admire you so! You do the other things all mothers do. But mom, there's just so much more to you.  It's hard to describe the feelings I feel; my love for you, mom, is deep and real! I appreciate you more than I ever could say; to my extraordinary mom Happy Mother's Day💐💜💐💜💐

Jackson's 6th birthday!

Happy 6th birthday Jackson! Wow I can't believe you are 6! Where has time went? You are getting so big! It feels like the other day you were born! I will always remember the day that you was born! I remember looking at you and new from the start that we where going to be best buddies! You are the most sweetest, kindest brother ever! I hope you have had a awesome birthday! Love you💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚


I can't believe that it's already spring! Spring time is my favorite weather, it's so beautiful outside! I know I haven't blogged in a while, so I'm going to try my best to start back blogging. I have been very busy with day to day life, so haven't had much time to blog😊so I will give a update since last time I'v blogged😊 Last year flew by very fast, we where mostly busy with our garden we had, we had a TON of produce. We are also doing a garden this year, which I'm looking forward to:-) we are hopefully going to start planting this week. Last year we had only 1 garden so This year we are having 2! We have started back in birthday season as we call it. So we have birthdays coming up! My youngest sister Sarah is almost 2( can't believe it) she is the most sweetest little girl ever! She loves baby dolls and her stuffed mouse, usually she has one or the other with her at all times! Well I hope to post encouraging post and other random updates …


Hey y'all!!!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while we have been super busy! I will give y'all an update! Well we have had TONS of  birthdays. We had my youngest brother's birthday Jonas he turned 3 March 1. Then after him we had Jackson's birthday May 6 he turned five, then mine was May 28 which I turned 18 ( I can't believe I'm that old) Then the day after my birthday Taylor turned 16, then we had Emily's she turned 6 June 8! We have my others sister Savannah's birthday July 22 which is just next week, she will be turning 17! Then we have my youngest sister Sarah who will be turning the big ONE the 24th! I cant believe that Sarah will be ONE! Where has time went? she is growing into being a big girl! She is also already trying to walk! We have a bunch of birthdays in the house. Our birthday season as we call it starts in January and don't end until October! I can't believe it's already summer! Plus the year is half way over. This ye…

James 12th Birthday!!!

Hey Everyone,
Well today is my Brother Birthday he turned 12! I can't believe he is 12! Time has flew by fast! Here is some pictures! Have a blessed day!
                                                      James and his birthday cake!!!
                                                    His birthday cake! He loves super hero's!

Valentines day party!

Hello everyone,
Today we had a Valentines party for the little kids and our cousin Kannon! They all enjoyed the little party! Here is some pictures! Happy Valentines day!
                                                     Sarah being her cute self!
                                                     Emily, Jackson, Kannon
                                               Emily, Jackson, Kannon! They enjoyed holding the hearts!
                                                      The cupcakes, they enjoyed them!
                                                    Their goody bag!